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Heart of Gypsies  by  Holly Hood

Heart of Gypsies by Holly Hood
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Sometimes hate can take you places.Aunt Wanda hated her sister Joy Ann so much she stole her daughter.It’s been twelve years since Kendall was kidnapped. Growing up on the run from the law is never easy. And Kendall is doing what she can to survive.A pawn in a sick game of hatred, Kendall is forced to live a life of crime.

It’s all she knows and all she has most days.On one of their stops, Kendall is reunited with Mason, the boy from her hometown with the same set of circumstances that follow Kendall around like a dark cloud. They have a lot in common. They have the same hopes and dreams.The problem is, getting where they need to be is going to be the hardest part of both of their lives, but their friendship sees them through one challenge after another.Kendall wants to be a normal girl. One that falls in love with someone that cares about her, but sometimes falling in love is difficult when you’re busy running for your life.

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