The Vietnam War Diane Yancey

ISBN: 9780737706147

Published: December 31st 2001

Board book

256 pages


The Vietnam War  by  Diane Yancey

The Vietnam War by Diane Yancey
December 31st 2001 | Board book | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 256 pages | ISBN: 9780737706147 | 9.30 Mb

Im currently reviewing The Vietnam War by Diane Yancey. The genre of the book is informational,and the setting of it occurs around the two main point of the book the U.S. and Vietnam.The book describes of how the Vietnam War came place. The book starts off explaining Ho Chi Minh a man who had won Vietnams love Ho Chi Minh had embrace communism, its then by 1941 he decide to control the rest of Vietnam and its southern side.

The communism in Vietnam triggered the U.S. to aid South Vietnam.The U.S. continued their support to South Vietnam throughout the 1960s. The communism was so bad that President Lyndon Johnson had send U.S. troops in to fight the Vietnam War. The U.S military was unprepared for its troops fighting efforts and morale.

The U.S. send troops out of Vietnam in 1972 and in 1973 the Vietnam war officially ended the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong conquered the rest of Vietnam defeating the Vietnams Republic Army and declaring its victory and emphasized the U.S militarys weakness and abilities.

The Vietnam War had challenged the U.S to left the U.S feeling deep feelings of frustration, and confusion over foreign policy role.Overall the book was very specific and interesting to me because my parents went through the war and immigrated to the U.S. during the Vietnam War, and heard stories from my parents about what they didthen, how the war effected the citizens of South Vietnam (Republic Vietnam).

The Vietnam war was a big issue to the U.S. it proved that yet the U.S supreme military power cant overcome the VietCong and North Vietnamese showing that even the U.S. can sometimes lose.I gave the book a 5/5 because of its details that were explained carefully in the bookthe book passes out many information for the reader to know about the war and explained aboutthe troops reactions, what happened at the white house, what started it, and how it ended.This book I would recommend to older readers whose are interested in the Vietnam War andwould like to know more.

If you like to war stories then you would have to know more of this bookand its information on the Vietnam War.

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